"i am not a plastic straw!"

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A perfect replacement for single-use straws. Somehow milkshakes taste better. Easy to clean as you can see where it is still dirty.


We LOVE our @glasssipperstraws!!!


I carry mine everywhere! Love using them


Thank you so much for our beautiful straws. We used them on Friday evening when we went out for supper. The waitress was impressed and both my daughter and I said that we noticed something different-as you stir your soda, ice and the sides of the glass with the glass straw it makes a lovely tinkling sound. Pretty cool!


I love how thick it is - it can plough through the thickest, yummiest smoothie! I take it with me to the gym mostly, and am trying to get them to convert to glass straws too!


Hand Crafted to the highest Standards


Restaurant Service

Finally realized that plastic straws are bad, paper straws are soggy & PLA straws are not really biodegradable..? Want to be part of the solution, and not part of the problem? Why not use our Glass Sipper Straws? We have 2 sizes to fit all your cocktail needs. Get hold of us to learn about our Spring Special.

Eco-Conscious Corporate Gift Idea

Our Glass Sipper Straws are great for corporate gifts. They are individually boxed and includes a cleaning brush. Boxes can be branded at no additional charge Contact us to discuss the various options available.

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Wholesale Available

Do you want to sell Glass Sipper Straws in your shop, cafe, bistro? Wholesale prices available. Get in touch with us for more info.

The Fight to Rid the Oceans of Discarded Plastic

"Small and lightweight, plastic straws often never make it into recycling bins; the evidence of this failure is clearly visible on any beach. And although straws amount to a tiny fraction of ocean plastic, their size makes them one of the most insidious polluters because they entangle marine animals and are consumed by fish. Video of scientists removing a straw embedded in a sea turtle’s nose went viral in 2015."        Laura Parker is a staff writer who specializes in covering climate change and marine environments.